Private Jets

An executive traveler counts every minute. The main advantage of private aviation is that it is the airline that adjusts to your work schedule, not vice versa. Save your time: we offer flexible schedules and convenient routes, individual terminals and waiting areas, the opportunity to fly directly to your desired destination by using a small airport in a remote location. Private aviation will save you from the bustle of the airports, long connecting flights, intrusive inspections and crowded planes. Private aviation services are secure and confidential.

On a private charter flight you choose everything to suit your desires. MASTER agency works in close bond with the leading Russian and foreign private jet rental companies. Our partners will provide you with any type of aircraft:

  • light aircraft
  • helicopters
  • executive jets
  • business jets
  • freight aircraft

Fly safely to any part of the world. Have several business meetings in different countries in one day. Private aviation is a convenient and fast way to be in the right place at the right time.

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