We can’t control canceled flights, poor weather and a train that shows up late. But you can protect yourself by purchasing an insurance policy. No matter where you go, on vacation or on a business trip, insurance is the best way to refund the costs of lost luggage, delayed flight or emergency trip cancellation due to health reasons. And of course, the most important thing in any journey is health insurance. It is as critical on the road as your passport or mobile phone. Insurance will provide you with timely medical and other assistance in case of any emergency.

How can you protect yourself?

Trip Cancellation

Imagine you have to unexpectedly cancel your vacation. For those who do not hedge against this risk, it means they will loose any deposit already paid. But if you have the appropriate insurance, your money will be reimbursed.

Health insurance

Depending on the option you, choose your insurance will fully or partially reimburse the cost of emergency medical care or medical transportation.

Lost luggage

You are standing at the baggage belt waiting for your suitcase, but it never shows up. Unpleasant situation. Fortunately, you are insured and the cost of lost personal belongings will be reimbursed.

We hope your trip goes smoothly, and you won’t ever have to think about your insurance policy. However, in case something does happen, MASTER agency and our partners — "Renessance Strakhovanie" and "Alfa Strakhovanie" will make sure you get timely assistance.

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